Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Connect - Hand Down the Faith & Have Fun

Spring Break is just a week and a half away making this is a great time to connect with the children you love - in person or over the phone/facetime/ hangouts - to hand down confident faith and have some fun! So, I am sharing a fun idea today to do exactly this.

Last week I shared a free link for using four weeks of my book Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Children. If you missed it, you will find it at this link. Use these prayers in Psalms with the children you love to connect and draw strength in the coming four weeks.

Plus, with Resurrection Sunday just a few weeks away, consider this idea. Resurrection Eggs are a resource from Family Life which is designed to engage children in finding "parts" which when assembled, tell the account of Jesus' death and resurrection. You hide these "parts" in plastic eggs and then the children you love go and find them. Once all the eggs are collected, you open the eggs, assemble the parts and go through the account of Resurrection Sunday.

Consider helping the children you love make their own set which they will then use in their own homes; I found a blog with all the info you need to do this. Check motherhood your way and not only will you find complete directions, but you'll also find a link for printing out a set of Easter story cards which you are able to send to the children you love, along with the plastic eggs, and "parts" so they are able to have their own set to remind them of why we celebrate Resurrection Sunday!  

Just a few ideas to use this week to hand down confident faith and have fun - while staying home.

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