Tuesday, March 22, 2022

New Glasses from Zenni

Many of us wear glasses. I do and I recently had to visit the eye doctor for my yearly eye exam. After the dr visit, I returned home to order my new glasses on-line from Zenni. If you have never heard of Zenni before and you or anyone in your family wears glasses, please take a minute to check their site (zennioptical.com) as they have some of the most wonderful designs, styles, and options at prices you will not believe!

While there are several designs I love, I ordered the Petal design for the following reasons - first, I love the fun design! These glasses are NOT boring - they are pretty and fun! Second it is a browline shape and I personally really like this look. Thirdly, I was able to order these glasses, with progressive lenses, Blokz (blue-blocker), and AR Anti-Reflection Coating  Premium oil and fingerprint resistant (Oleophobic) all for a total of just $83.90 - and I had a $15.00 discount, so with shipping my total came to only $73.85! 

My glasses arrived last week and I absolutely love them! They look even better in person and I was surprised, pleasantly so, to discover they are not black plastic - the glasses are clear with the design printed inside - impressive for sure! Zenni says; "We collaborated with a true fashion icon for one of our chicest collections: Zenni x Cynthia Rowley. Petal is a classic frame with a feminine touch. The gold metal style is accented with glossy black acetate that features a floral pattern. For added comfort, the look is fitted with adjustable nose pads. It is available in black floral."

I love my new Zenni glasses - and highly recommend Zenni for you to check out when you - or someone you love - needs a new pair of glasses.

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