Thursday, April 28, 2022

crafting with grandma - Handprint Jar

 I have another idea for a wonderful Mother's Day craft you could help your grandchildren make for their mother . . . of course I found it on Pinterest! Check this handprint flower jar out . . . it is so perfect for Mother's Day as not only will children be able to put flowers they make, pick, or buy in it, but the jar with the handprint is one mom will want to save and use for years to come!

All you need for this craft is a jar - could be a mason jar, or a spaghetti sauce jar, mayo jar . . . any jar you have - and acrylic paints - at least two colors. Have your grandchildren paint the jar one color, then use a different color to paint one hand from each grandchild and help them carefully place their handprint on the jar - children will be able to tell their mom which hand print is theirs by the color of the print! Allow to dry and voila! You have a wonderful gift!  

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