Sunday, April 17, 2022

The Reason is For God so Loved - We Just Need to Believe

Most children will tell you Christmas is their favorite holiday - which is something I'm quite certain does not surprise any of us. While I love the reason we celebrate Christmas - God sent Jesus as the Best Gift ever - Resurrection Sunday is my favorite holiday. If Jesus had not risen from the dead, Christmas would have no meaning. 

These two holidays go hand in hand - without Christmas we would have no Resurrection Sunday and without Jesus' resurrection, Christmas would not matter. But they both matter, because they are all about God's great love for us. All we - and the ones we love - have to do is believe.

So as you celebrate Resurrection Sunday today, take time to be thankful for God's great love and celebrate it - make sure you take time to connect in person or through tech and celebrate with the ones you love. 

And, for those you love who have not yet believed, or who have wandered from their faith, pray for Jesus to do what He came to do - draw them to Him. This is the reason we celebrate - because God loves and all we need to do (and all the ones we love need to do) is believe!

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