Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Celebrate God's Fantastic Imagination with the Life on the Goldilocks Planet Books

I love how there are so many interesting animals in this world in which we live - and how they have so many surprising features and abilities! They clearly show us God has a fantastic imagination!

When we help the children we love learn about these animals, and their uniqueness, we are able to have important conversations about how these things help us know God is real. When we look at quotes from scientists, we are also able to help them understand how God and science DO go together! When they know these important "whys" they are able to have a confident faith!

This is the reason for the Life on the Goldilocks Planet books - to encourage fun and learning and most importantly, a confident faith! What could matter more! 

Make this Summer a time to surprise the ones you love with interesting information about the creatures in this world - and how they help us believe in God. The Life on the Goldilocks Planet books will help you do exactly this! You will find them on Amazon and at this link. Please share this post with the parents and grandparents you know. (And, the answer to the question is - the Wombats!)

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