Saturday, May 7, 2022

Hand Down Confident Faith!

I often write about how important it is for us as grandmas (grandpas and parents, too) to hand down confident faith to the children we love. I have shared how Barna's studies are showing more and more of the young people we love are turning away from their faith to atheism - if we do not want this to happen, then we need to make some important changes.

I believe in far too many cases we have set up the ones we love to be confused, feel misled, and to turn away from their faith. When we treat science as something which is not to be trusted, then we are setting up the ones we love so when they are faced with the facts in school which clearly show our Earth is old and evolution is true, then more and more of them leave their faith.

This does not have to continue to happen. God created everything - this includes the laws of science - so when we look at science as showing us how God did things and see the Bible as showing us what God says/why He does what He does - as Francis Collins says, we are able to teach both science and faith to our grandchildren/ children and in so doing will give them a confident faith!

With summer and Children's Day (the second Sunday in June) nearly upon us, today is the perfect time to get a couple of the Life on the Goldilocks Planet Books to help you equip the children you love with a confident faith - one which marvels at the science God created and turns with awe and worship to the God who also loves them! You will find the books at this link - get some today and use them to help you hand down confident faith! (And, by the way, the answer to the question above is the Rufous Hummingbird!)

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