Thursday, May 26, 2022

Pray & Act

Yesterday the news was mostly focused upon the horrific tragedy in Uvalde, Texas. I heard Nelba Márquez-Greene speak - she had her lovely daughter taken from her by the shooter at Sandy Hook ten years ago. She said something powerful - she said words about faith and prayers matter as long as we follow what the Bible tells us - faith without works is dead.

Yes, we pray for the parents, grandparents, families, community devastated by the shooting in Uvalde TX, but we also put our actions with our words. Find ways to help the actual families - maybe check with churches in Uvalde. Vote for people who will DO something to stop gun violence. Pray for these families, but put your actions with your prayers.

When you listen to people talk about what happened, they often say "thoughts and prayers" are not enough. Matthew McConaughey is from Uvalde, and he said "And to those who dropped off their loved ones today not knowing it was good-by, no words can comprehend or heal your loss, but if prayers can provide comfort, we will keep them coming."

Prayers do provide comfort because God provides this comfort, so yes, we will keep the prayers coming - and we will act as well - we will do everything we are able to do to show what we truly value.

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