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Sculpt their Souls

Are you one of the grandmas (or grandpas) who are so blessed to have grown children who love and walk with God, and who are committed to hand down confident faith with you to the children you love? Do your grandchildren want to go to church, want to talk about their walk with God, and embrace a confident faith of their own? Or, do you have grown children who, like so many their age, are no longer involved in church, who do not embrace a confident faith of their own, and/or grandchildren who tell you they are, "not into that church thing any more"?

If you have grown children and grandchildren who want to grow in their own walk with God, or ones who do not, you, as a purposeful grandparent, need to have resources which help you hand down confident faith and will engage those who walk with God and those who do not. We must not just leave the handing of confident faith to our grown children who are walking with God, or the church. We must not, "wave the white flag of defeat" when we have people we love who show little if any interest in God. Handing down confident faith matters too much for us to do either of these things. "Co-laboring over the sculpting of souls is a sacred profession, a humbling privilege. Never forget." It is for this reason the Life on the Goldilocks Planet curriculum/book series was developed.

People who are using this series are reporting - particularly with grandchildren who may not be interested in things of God - this series is engaging them in important conversations which show why they are able to believe in God and trust Him with confidence. This is what we want to happen! If you are curious about this series and want to get a look at what it is like, today I am happy to share with you about the Red-Lipped Batfish - from book four - Red-Lipped Batfish, Giant Purple Squirrels, Kakapo & More! - 

Red-Lipped Batfish  One Very Surprising Fish

This is the Red-Lipped Batfish  and yes, it is a real fish! It lives in the Pacific Ocean in an area stretching from Peru and Costa Rica west to the Galapagos Islands. Red-Lipped Batfish remind me of Job 12:9-10 

The fish of the sea will declare to you. Who among all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this? In his hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind.

The Red-Lipped Batfish is one of the fish of the sea which was made by God. Lets learn a

few things about it and how God designed it just right . . .

  • ·         It is easy to see where Red-Lipped Batfish get their name.
  • ·         In addition to their surprising look, Red-Lipped Batfish will not win any fish swim contests, as they are not accomplished swimmers.
  • ·         Red-Lipped Batfish use their fins to walk along the bottom of the ocean  this is also surprising!
  • ·         
    Extending out from the head of the Red-Lipped Batfish, under their snout, is an illicium. Red-Lipped Batfish use this to lure small fish and shrimp close enough for them to catch and eat.
  • ·         At the top of their illicium, Red-Lipped Batfish have an esca which shines a bright, bio-luminescent light to help lure dinner to them.
  • ·         Since Red-Lipped Batfish are not the best swimmers in the sea, it is very helpful for them to have their illicium and esca to lure fish to them . . . otherwise, along with being one of the oddest-looking fish in the sea, they would also be one of the hungriest fish in the sea.
  • ·         There are more than 600 species of batfish in the sea, but the Red-Lipped Batfish, and their cousins the Rosy-Lipped Batfish, are the only batfish with colorful lips.
  • ·        Red-Lipped Batfish are related to anglerfish.
  • ·         Red-Lipped Batfish eat small fish, shrimp, crabs, and worms.
  • ·         Red-Lipped Batfish live at the bottom of the ocean.
  • ·         No one knows why the Red-Lipped Batfish has red lips.
What do you think is the most interesting or surprising thing about Red-Lipped Batfish? God designed Red-Lipped Batfish as they are. God knew what He was doing; He designed and created Red-Lipped Batfish – and you  just right!

Activity to Make the Point & Have Fun!

Red-Lipped Batfish are most certainly a surprising example of Gods amazing  and interesting - design. He knew what He was doing when He created them. Lets make fun and colorful glow in the dark jars to help us remember how God designed Red-Lipped Batfish just right . . .

·         Mason jar or plastic jar

·         Glow in the dark paint  whatever colors you want

·         Paint brushes or cotton swabs

1. Using one paint color at a time, carefully dot”, swirl, paint on the inside of your jar. 2. Add however many colors you want. 3. Allow time for it to dry. 4. Let it sit near a light/in the sun. 5. Put by your bed and watch it glow!

God designed Red-Lipped Batfish with a bio-luminescent lure  which they use to catch food. He designed and created them just right. Let your glow-in-the-dark jar help you remember, just as God designed Red-Lipped Batfish, He designed and created you just right, too!

Think About This . . . 

Science and religion are often viewed as separate aspects of our beliefs and understanding. But religion is an attempt to understand the purpose of our universe and science an attempt to understand its nature and characteristics, so the two are necessarily related.  Charles Townes - Nobel Laureate in Physics for co-discovery of the laser and maser 

Or, In Other Words . . .

Some people think science and religion do not go together, but they do. Not only do they go together, but it is necessary for them to do so as science helps us understand the world around us and religion helps us understand the purpose of the world  and our own purpose given to us by God as well. 

The books have a few more photos, but each book has twelve animals - some you are likely to have never heard of before. All of them have colorful photos, maps, fun facts, questions to generate important conversations which will engage those grandchildren/ children who are growing in their walk with God as well as those who say church and God are just not "for them" any longer. All of the books also include quotes from scientists and activities to engage the ones you love. These books will help you confidently and effectively hand down a confident faith to the ones you love - and have fun doing so! Look at just some of what people are saying about this curriculum/book series . . . 

Lynda is a genius when it comes to bringing God's Word alive to children. She is a grandmother who understands the importance of the role she plays in her grandchildren's lives. Her books are made for grandparents to open God's Word through animals and living things which interest little kids. and big kids too. 

Linda Ranson Jacobs

Mom, Grandma, and Great Aunt

Developer of DC4K (DivorceCare for Kids) dc4k.org

Psalm 19 reminds us if we study creation, we see God more clearly. Ive never seen a book as remarkable as this one which ties exploration of Gods creation with the language of children and activity, to produce a compelling statement about the majesty of God. When I read it, I feel like Im somehow entering a new world. Im sure itll be an incredible resource.

Dr. Scott Turansky

Dad, Grandpa
National Center for Biblical Parenting 

I LOVE this little book you have created. What a great and powerful tool for shaping young minds to see and acknowledge the truth about Gods creation. Well done. Every parent and grandparent ought to have this tool in their toolkit to teach the truth about creation and evolution. This is a marvelous tool I want to let every grandparent know about. Thank you for taking time with your grandsons to create this extraordinary piece. While disagreeing with Lyndas position that science shows how God used evolution to create everything, I still find these books a valuable resource for parents and grandparents.

Cavin T. Harper

Dad, Grandpa
Founder Christian Grandparenting Network 

Wow! Wow! Wow! Cant wait to buy several copies for my grands.

William Gibbons

Dad, Grandpa


I love what you put together! Weve discovered at Group the power of animals and kids too! 

Joani Schultz

Mom, Grandma

Chief Creative Officer, Group Publishing

As you think about what you are doing for Children's Day 2022 (yes, it is a real holiday - the second Sunday of June), consider this resource as a gift for your grandchildren. This series will help the ones you love learn the "whys" - why they are able to believe God is real and trust Him with confidence - what could possibly be a better gift? This series is available on Amazon and in our bookstore.

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