Thursday, May 12, 2022

The Centuro Mini - a Very "Mobile" Mobility Scooter

I recently have had the opportunity to use my B&B Centuro Mini scooter - and pretty much everywhere I go people notice it and are surprised at how easy it is to drive . . . and are greatly impressed by how it so quickly comes apart to put in our car, and just as quickly goes together so it is able to be used. I timed my husband and it takes him less than a minute to put it together!

We had been shopping at a store the other day and my husband was getting ready to take it apart to put in our car when a nice man walked up and asked if he needed help getting it our car. My husband smiled and told him it came apart into five pieces - the man was amazed! He didn't know scooters were available which did this.

I was at my church recently when someone asked about my scooter. She said they were looking for one for her father-in-law who has Parkinson's. I let her drive it around a bit and she said she was sure her father-in-law would easily be able to drive it.

Another day we were at the store when a man walked by. He said his wife needed a scooter like this - and was very impressed to hear it comes apart in just five pieces to easily go in and out of a car.

If you, or someone you know needs a scooter to increase their mobility, the Centuro Mini is absolutely worth checking out! Not only is it easy to drive, but it easily fits in your car making it a very "mobile" mobility scooter.

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