Monday, June 20, 2022

crafting with grandma - Stick Flag!

As I browsed on Pinterest today looking for Patriotic craft ideas, I found one which will be fun to make with my grandsons . . . a stick flag! I have lots of trees in my yard, which, of course, means I have lots of sticks, so this is a craft which they can not only make but one which they will be able to have extra fun with as they find the sticks to use for their flags!

If you have a yard with trees, let your grandchildren find and collect the sticks for their flags. If you do not, consider taking them on a walk to a nearby woods or nature park where they can collect sticks. Then, set out paint, brushes and let them paint their sticks. Use twine to lash their painted sticks in the proper order, add some more twine to make a hanger and, voila, you have a cool stick flag! Enjoy!

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