Thursday, June 23, 2022

More than Carpe Diem

According to dictionary (dot) com, carpe diem means . . . 

Seize the day; enjoy the present, as opposed to placing all hope in the future.
While we certainly want to "seize the day", we also need to be sure we do so with an eye to, and hope in, the future. We are able to make meaningful investments in our grandchildren by being involved in their lives as much as we are able. What we say and do matters. The time we spend with them - whether in person or through tech - matters. The difference we are able to make in their lives matters.

So plan something you are able to do at least every week to connect with, invest in, and make a difference. If you live where you are able to spend time with them in person - do so. Make it a priority. If you do not live close enough to do this, plan a time every week where you connect through tech and spend time with them. Build this relationship - it matters throughout your life - and theirs. Long after we are gone, the things we said and did with them are what they will remember. Yes, this investment of our time, this "seizing the day" matters now and throughout their lives.

Be a grandma (or grandpa) who does more than seize the day - be one who makes the most of it by investing in the lives of your grandchildren. it matters now and after we are gone. 

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