Sunday, June 26, 2022

Saving a Baby Elephant & Passing On Confident Faith

The other day I saw a report on the news about a little baby elephant in a zoo in Seoul, Korea. The baby was walking along a water feature in it's area when it fell in. The water was deep and the baby was at risk of drowning. 

Happily, the baby was not alone. It's mother and aunt were with it and they ran - or charged would not be too small a word to describe what they did - to the side of the baby. They were not able to lift the baby out of the deep water, so they got around it and pushed the baby to shallow water.

In the background of the video, it shows another elephant which was in great distress throughout. I do not know how this elephant was related to the baby, mother and aunt, but clearly it cared very much about the baby elephant.

This video got me to thinking. The mother and aunt elephants did not leave the baby to wander alone - they were nearby. They also did not leave the baby to get itself out of the deep water on its own - they rushed in to rescue the baby.

There is the idea "out there" which says we need to let the children we love decide what they believe, on their own. While there may be situations where this is healthy, when it comes to their faith, I believe we need to be engaged, intentionally focused upon helping them learn how God loves them, God's Word is true, and when they love, know, and walk with God they will experience real joy and peace.

I understand we can not force the children we love to make these choices, but we are able to encourage, teach, and model to them what it looks like when they do choose to walk with God. 

And, just as the risk and danger to the baby elephant was severe - it could have drowned - the risk and danger to our grandchildren is severe as well. But, do not underestimate our God! He is able - and oh, so willing - to do ever so much more than we can even begin to think or ask! 

So, pray! Pray! Pray! And share with your grandchildren why you believe God loves you, why you believe His Word is true, and what it is like in your life to experience the real joy and peace you experience as you love, know, and walk with God!

It will make a difference!

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