Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Summer Fun - Lawn Twister

I remember the game, "Twister" from when I was a child, so when I was browsing on  Pinterest and saw a pin for "Lawn Twister", well, I had to share it with you! All you need is spray paint and something big and round to use as a stencil - this lady used a pizza box lid which she cut into a circle. Check this link for the details and on the next warm summer day when your grandchildren are over, grab some spray paint, a pizza box lid and get ready for some fun they will remember all their lives! (Don't worry, the paint won't hurt your grass and as it grows and you mow it, it will be gone!)

I love the idea of her "genius friend" of using slips of paper to play the game if you don't have a spinner from a boxed version of Twister! Yard Twister would be great fun at your next family get-together or as a game for your 4th of July celebration! This is a fun surprise you can give your grandchildren . . . and neighborhood children . . . and adults! It is sure to be talked about and remembered for years!

As you play, talk with your grandchildren about how God created their hands and feet and ask them what they can do with them - besides play Twister - to serve others! Have fun!

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