Thursday, June 16, 2022

The Most Important & Most Valuable Thing!

Image result for clipart for grandparentA grandma friend of mine told me an Arab proverb; "If you do not have a grandparent in your home (or nearby), buy one!" 

It makes me smile and I have to say I definitely agree with it! Grandparents are gifts from the hand of God and definitely to be treasured. But, not just because we are "technically" grandparents. We need to be treasured because we offer something of great value . . . a focused and intentional passing on of a heritage of confident faith!

When we as grandparents spend time with our grandchildren and point them to Jesus, then we are absolutely offering something of great value!

When my life is over, it is my prayer my children and grandchildren will remember me as someone who loved them sincerely and who was focused on passing on a heritage of confident faith . . . the most important and most valuable thing I could do for them.

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