Sunday, July 24, 2022

grandma's chuckles . . . "I Need a Break From Children . . . "

From the title to this post, you may be thinking I, or another adult, said this statement, but no . . . it was uttered by my then four-year old grandson, Caleb! The boys spent Friday at my house, had a sleep-over, and then Saturday afternoon, we took them home. On the way we discovered their parents were thinking about having a bonfire at our house (we lived in the country with plenty of room for bonfires and they lived in the city - not so much bonfire room!)

So, we asked the boys if they wanted to go home and then come back later with their parents, or return to our house with us. Caleb wanted to stay with us and his brothers decided to go home. As we pulled up to their home, Caleb sighed and said, "I need a break from children." He then smiled at me and said, "Adults are okay."

I am still laughing about this seven years later! 

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