Sunday, July 17, 2022

grandma's cookbook - Homemade Lollipops!

Lemon Honey Lollipops for soothing throats.  I am going to make these for the children.  Sometime lemon and honey tea is hard to get them to drink.When my grandsons were young, they LOVED lollipops, so I bought a large bag of them so when they visited they could enjoy one - or two - or three - now and then! But, then we discovered they had Red #40 in them, so I had to throw them away. I won't write this post about the dangers of Red #40, but will say there does seem to be evidence it effects the brains of children and causes hyperactivity - leading to children being diagnosed with ADHD. (You can read more about it at this link if you like.)

I have been careful to read labels and if something has Red #40 - I do not buy it. Which made it really difficult to find lollipops for they sweet boys I love. So, I looked on Pinterest and found a recipe for making lollipops (check this link for the recipe)! I also found one for Rock Candy (check this link for the recipe)

Have you ever made lollipops? Do you have a favorite recipe? 

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