Tuesday, August 23, 2022

grandma's chuckles - Sparkle Kisses!

Today I am happy to remember something sweet from when my grandsons were younger, so I thought I'd share it with you. I have three grandsons; no granddaughters, so it is not often I get to have fun with glitter and "sparkles" . . . around my house when the boys are here there is talk of lasers, monsters, aliens, and at times to my dismay, farts. They are boys.

However; they are still young and they are amused by my "sparkle kisses"! What is a, "sparkle kiss" you ask??? My favorite lipstick is a red, glittery lip gloss which when I wear it and give kisses, leaves a "sparkle kiss" behind! The boys will even ask - on occasion - for a "sparkle kiss" . . . on the back of their hands, NOT on their faces!

These boys make my heart happy . . . they fill it with "sparkles" for sure!

It is fun leaving a, "sparkle kiss" as "evidence" of my love for them, but it is so much better to leave this "evidence" impressed on their sweet hearts. The other day Josiah and I were talking about the people who loved him and he said I, "most DEFINITELY" love him! He is completely correct! I love these three boys with every bit of love possible to love another person!

So, knowing this, I am thrilled to know God loves them even more! When I tell the boys this their eyes get big and their faces "sparkle" with happiness!

Sparkles are a truly wonderful thing!

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