Monday, August 1, 2022

grandma's cookbook - Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie

 Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie:

As I was browsing through Pinterest this morning I saw a recipe which looks  interesting . . . fun to make . . . and which is likely to be very tasty! Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie!!!! Even the name sounds delicious!!!

I think this is a recipe grandchildren could help with - at least with the making of the pie crust and the adding of the sliced apples! Of course, they could help with the most important part . . . the tasting!!!

Follow this link and you'll find complete directions with a photo tutorial. You use a store bought pie crust for this recipe, but I wonder if you could use actual cinnamon rolls which you slice thin . . . I may have to try it and see! At any rate, a cinnamon roll apple pie has to be a treat pretty much everyone will love!


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