Saturday, August 6, 2022

Raspberry Ice Cream Pie


I have shared this before, but this hot day seems like a great time to share it again.

If you would like to make a special dessert for a summer get-together, but do not particularly want to bake, all you need is a can of apple/raspberry juice concentrate, mixed it with a tub of Extra Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream from Bryers, mix two cartons of heavy cream, combined everything and put it into two cookie pie crusts (graham would work fine; as would chocolate cookie crust if you like chocolate and raspberry, but my favorite is the shortbread cookie crust!) then pop them into the freezer.

When it is time to serve the pie, top each piece with a few lovely, fresh raspberries! This pie is tasty, slightly tart, and so cool and refreshing; the perfect dessert for any time of day!

This recipe is so simple to make; it is a perfect dessert for your grandchildren to make as all they have to do is mix ingredients and put them in a pie crust! Plus, since the recipe makes two pies, you could have them make one for their family to enjoy and then take the other to a shut-in or neighbor to brighten someone else's day!


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