Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Vacation Memory Jar

Summer is the time for many special times and memories . . . some of which are created on vacations! If your grandchildren went on a vacation this summer, or just did something special during the summer - consider helping them make their own Vacation Memory Jars! 

I found this idea on Pinterest a few years back, but the link no longer works. However; it is simple to make. Gather little items your grandchildren found, made, or received throughout the Summer of 2022, add some photos, sand, and a jar and you are ready for the fun of helping your grandchildren create something which will help them remember their summer! 

You could also help them write down their special memories, the things they liked the most and then roll it up, tie it with a string, and add it to the jar as well! Be sure to include something which represents how they grew in their walk with Jesus over the summer, too! It is so easy, too easy, to forget; these jars will help your grandchildren remember! Write the date on the bottom of the jar and as they get older, it will be something to treasure! Enjoy!

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