Friday, September 30, 2022

crafting with grandma - Christmas Heart Ornaments!

Cinnamon ornaments- they make your tree smell AMAZING!!!Christmas is just around the corner and as I was browsing  Pinterest I found an idea for a sweet smelling ornament which would make a fun project for you to make with your grandchildren! It just uses applesauce and cinnamon - the reason it is sweet smelling - and a little time to make dozens of heart ornaments! Just think of all the wonderful things you could do with these little hearts . . . 

You could -
  • Send them to school with your grandchild so they can give them to their teachers, the school secretaries, the school lunch ladies, their bus driver . . . you get the idea!
  • Give them a basket full to take with them when they go caroling to their neighbors - after singing, they could leave one sweet little heart at each neighbor's home!
  • Have them take some to church to give to their Sunday school teacher, the pastor, the secretary, the janitor . . . again, you get the idea!
  • Add some home-baked cookies and take them to your local fire station and/or police station to give to those people who serve your community!
  • You could make a lot and place some in a basket in your house so when anyone visits you throughout December, you are able to send them each home with a little heart! 
Just follow this link and you'll find complete directions. 'These are just a few ideas . . . what might you do with these sweet little hearts? Enjoy!

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