Tuesday, September 6, 2022

It is Take Your Manners to Work Day

Today is, "Take Your Manners to Work Day", but any and every day should be a day for manners and work, school, home, church, everywhere you go should be a place for manners, so today I want to encourage you to check out my friend's website - Maralee McKee, the Manner's Mentor.

If you ever wonder what to do in different situations, check Maralee's site as she likely has the answer which will help you know the "simple, savvy and sincere" answer for how to show your best manners - and teach them to the children you love as well.

  • Have you ever wondered the polite thing to do when someone is paying more attention to their cell phone than they are to you? Maralee knows!
  • Have you ever wondered the polite thing to do to end back and forth emails, how to handle hugging when meeting and what to do when you forget someone's name? Maralee knows!
  • Have you ever wondered how to instill a heart for manners in the children you love? Maralee knows!
  • Have you ever wondered what the top ten manners are the children you love need to know? Maralee knows!
Maralee knows the answers to these and so many more manners questions, so please check her web site and share it with the people you know!

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