Saturday, September 24, 2022

Keep Our Focus on What Matters the Most

It is so easy for us to lose focus when it comes to what matters the most. As we near retirement - or experience retirement, we may focus upon being certain all our "ducks are in a row", our finances are "set", and think about what we want our retirement to look like. We may fall into the "trap" of thinking our retirement is all about us - going places, doing things we saved for these final years - and lose focus when it comes to what matters the most - handing down confident faith and impacting the lives of the ones we love.

However we end this life we want to be sure we focus upon what matters the most and finish well by modeling what it looks like to walk with God, hand down confident faith, and by building strong relationships with the ones we love. The wonderful thing about this is it isn't difficult for us to finish well - we just need to keep our focus upon what matters the most.

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