Thursday, September 22, 2022

Stand for the Truth

Today I am writing about truth and how our choice to either stand for it, or make excuses impacts our children and grandchildren. Regardless of where you stand politically, yesterday was a day unlike any in our country's history. A former president is being charged with serious counts of fraud. When he went before the grand jury, he plead the 5th more than 400 times. In a civil case (which this is), pleading the 5th is the same as admitting guilt. He made a plea offer which the New York Attorney General did not accept. Making a plea offer is not something an innocent person does. Long-time employees admitted before the grand jury what they and he had been doing for decades. There is no shortage of evidence from banks, insurance companies, appraisers, and the IRS. This is not about politics. This is about the truth.

We MUST stand for the truth and against lies. When we fail to do this in regards to the former president, we leave our children and grandchildren questioning our integrity and most important, this is a leading factor in so many of them turning away from their faith. (Read about it at this link.

You pay a high price when you dismiss or ignore the behavior of the former president - are you willing to continue to do so? Please stand for the truth.

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