Friday, October 21, 2022

A Place Where Disciples are Hand-Made


I love this quote from David Kinnaman (from the Barna Group.) While certainly the church has a role in communicating truth to children and teens, we will most effectively do so in the context of close relationships. Yes, churches are able to build these types of relationships with children and teens, but parents and grandparents are ideally placed by God to do so.

I write a lot about handing down confident faith. There is a reason for this - it is something God wants grandmas (and grandpas & parents) to do. I also write about it because if we do not do this, the ones we love may not make the choice to believe. Yes, there are many who make this choice without the influence of grandparents/ parents, but when we are engaged and focused upon handing down confident faith, we are much more likely to see our children and grandchildren choose to believe. It matters what we do.

So, build those strong relationships with the children God has given to you. Know them. Listen to them. Celebrate them. Make sure your home is a place where they want to be - a place where they feel safe to ask questions. A place where they will hear answers. A place where they are loved. A place where they will see a confident faith lived in our day-to-day lives. A place where they will choose to have a confident faith as well. A place where disciples are "hand-made".

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