Sunday, October 16, 2022

crafting with grandma - Fun, Excellent & Inexpensive Gifts - Puzzle Candy Cane Ornaments!

fun christmas craftsIf you have puzzles in your house, you likely have puzzles with missing pieces. If this is true for you - or if you have a friend or family member with a puzzle with missing pieces which they are willing to let you have . . . take a look at this great idea for making awesome, puzzle candy cane ornaments!

All you need are puzzle pieces, paint, glue and ribbon . . . this is definitely a craft which you could involve your grandchildren in helping you craft . . . if you have puzzle pieces of different sizes you could make small, medium, large and even extra large candy canes which you could put on your tree, decorate on your door or wall . . . give as great gifts . . . use as name tags on gifts . . . add to baked goods which you give to neighbors, shut-ins . . . or ???

What do you think of these? What might you do with them?

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