Tuesday, October 18, 2022

crafting with grandma - Fun, Excellent & Affordable Gifts - Clothespin Ornaments!

These handpainted clothing pins look like a fun activity for children and parents. Also you can look at http://www.playhousegifts.com/home for similar handcrafted christmas decorations created in Germany by Steinbach and Ino Schaller. You will find wood nutcrackers and Paper Mache Candy Containers.Please let me say first of all, I shared this idea a few years ago, but I really love it and it is so affordable and fun, so I thought I'd share it again! This is an ornament idea which you can get your grandchildren to help you with . . . even younger ones can paint - or color with permanent  ink markers - and you'll end up with something cute which will look even cuter on the tree!

All you need are some spring clothespins, paint - or permanent ink markers, and creativity and voila! You'll have great ornaments which will make excellent gifts!

I really love the snowmen (my grandsons and I made these and they are some of my favorite ornaments on my tree each year) and think you could make a nativity set with it as well! Which design do you like the best? Enjoy!

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