Thursday, October 20, 2022

crafting with grandma - Nativity Ornament

Nativity Ornament Wood Craft TutorialIt is so easy for children to focus on the "getting" part of Christmas . . . what gifts will they "get"? What activities will they "get" to do? How many parties will they "get" to go to? The list goes on. But, Christmas is really about giving, God gave His Son to us! Well . . . I guess it is also about "getting" as we are the ones who "get" to receive the gift of Grace and forgiveness from God!

At any rate, Christmas is a wonderful time of year to help our grandchildren focus on "giving" and one way we help them to do this is by helping them make ornaments which they then give to their neighbors, friends, teachers, shut-ins, coaches, pastors . . . you help them decide to whom they will give the ornaments they make!

You could make this wonderful ornament - one which is simple to make, inexpensive to make, and one which shares the Reason for the Season - God gave!!! Gather the supplies - wood star, clothespins, paint, glue, wire, and twine - your grandchildren, and have fun making these. Then, take them to whomever you have decided to give them to and give your grandchildren a chance to focus on giving! Enjoy!

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