Monday, October 3, 2022

crafting with grandma - Unique Map Gift Idea!


I was browsing on  Pinterest  this morning and found one of the funnest ideas I've ever seen - a photo map! What is a, "photo map" you ask? Well . . . it is where you take a photo in every State (or country) you visit and cut it to the shape of the state (or country) then glue it on another map! I LOVE this idea! What a fun gift this could make and what a fun way to show and remember the places you have visited! You'll find all the details for making this at the following link.

This could be a fun and unique gift - gather photos of someone - or possibly your family, make a map then mount it, or frame it for a wonderful gift! It is an idea you could involve your grandchildren in . . . have them help gather photos, cut them out and glue them on a map for a gift for their parents which is unique and filled with memories!

Now . . . to find and gather photos . . . Enjoy!

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