Saturday, October 22, 2022

Get the Kindle Copy of Chasing Whales for Free on Amazon Today - October 22, 2022

My friend, Michael Chanley wrote the book - Chasing Whales, and has made the Kindle copy free on amazon - today! AND not only are you able to get the book for free today, but you are also able to join a free study group with Michael. Please get your copy - you will be so glad you did!

Chasing WHALES - a spiritual dive with Jonah

Have you been struggling to study the Bible?
Are you looking for an opportunity to grow in your ability to discern God's will? Has your faith walk hit a bit of a low point?

This book will teach you about the incredible "story behind the story" from the Book of Jonah. As you dive in, you'll discover the relevance of Jonah's rebellious story to today's world; and, you will also:

  • learn how to study the Bible
  • grow in your ability to discern God's will
  • practice spiritual disciplines
  • learn how to pray & fast
  • develop a deeper understanding of scripture
  • be challenged to apply God's Word to your life in the most practical and tangible ways

Before you stumble in your faith and run the other way, like Jonah, join us in this immersive study from the Old Testament. 
Chasing WHALES starts off by teaching an in depth method of Christian Bible Study through an 9-part devotional. The devotional can be done daily, weekly, or online in community with our Facebook Group (just search Chasing WHALES group on Facebook to join). The devotional section also makes a great small group study for churches.

The back of the book takes your study deeper by providing an in-depth examination of the Book of Jonah. It teaches the reader how to think critically about scripture and introduces basic methods of exegesis, or critical examination of the text. If you are a small group leader, you might want to read that section as part of your preparation. Otherwise, save it for your personal reflection time.

About Chasing WHALES

Jonah's persistence in running away is why he is often called the stubborn prophet. His anger at change, coupled with his prejudice against outsiders, make his story incredibly relevant today.

In Jonah, we see a believer rebelling against God’s commands.
We see anger and defiance in the prophet's words and actions.
Ultimately, we see ourselves.

Yet, from Jonah's example, we learn deep truths about God's timeless character. His mercy and love shine even during our times of deepest anguish. As you explore the depths of God's truth, found in Jonah's story, may you be changed and may you be challenged to share the love of Christ with others.

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