Monday, October 17, 2022

Hugs Help


When my grandsons were little, they would at times get a rascally twinkle in their eyes and tell me, "Hugs and kisses are weird!" I typically pretended to be shocked and tell them, "Hugs and kisses are NOT weird; they are wonderful!" They always laughed and repeated their rascally saying, while laughing, a LOT, but I typically ended up receiving a hug and kiss - happy grandma for sure!

Then the day came where I first saw this stat and, of course, I shared it with them. They were surprised, then said; "Then if hugs are good for us, we will live a LONG time, and so will you, because you give us lots of hugs, grandma."

Share a hug, or pat on the back, or side squeeze, or other healthy, caring way to connect with your grandchildren - mail a candy "hug" if they live far and tell them a real one awaits your next time together - these things matter. They make a difference for them, and for you.

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