Wednesday, October 19, 2022

It's Cookie Month!

Well . . . around this grandma's house every month is Cookie Month, but technically, October is Cookie Month! What a delicious month to celebrate because who doesn't love a tasty, soft, yet slightly crunchy cookie?!!!! 

My daughter-in-law developed a dairy intolerance during her last pregnancy, so since she was a fan of cookies and I tended to make cookies when my grandsons were here - and of course send some home with them - I had to learn how to substitute dairy ingredients in my cookie recipes . . . and still end up with a tasty cookie. Happily, it wasn't as difficult to do this as I thought it might be!

I substituted almond milk in any recipe which called for milk and I substituted coconut oil for butter (it actually has the consistency of butter or shortening). I have to say, these two substitutions are easy to make and the cookies taste delicious with almond milk and coconut oil!

So, if you have someone in your family who you love who has a sensitivity to dairy products, make these simple substitutions and they will be able to celebrate Cookie Month with you!

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