Saturday, October 1, 2022



There are many things in life which bring us great joy - becoming parents brought this joy to me, and so did becoming a grandma. God certainly did not have to bless me with the grandsons He has given to me, but He did and I am oh, so thankful.

As September ends and October begins I want to be quick to both watch for God's great blessings and thank Him for them. I am oh so thankful for the family God has given to me - they are gifts from His hand and bring me so much joy!

Take time today to think about the blessings God has gifted to you. See them for what they are - gifts from His hand which show His great love and fill our hearts with His joy. Thank God for His great gifts and model to the ones you love what it looks like to live life watching for and being thankful for God's blessings and how this brings joy.

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