Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Memorable Ways to Focus Upon Developing Eyes of Gratitude


Thanksgiving is just a month away. In the days leading up to this day where we tend to particularly focus upon being thankful, take time to be thankful - to look around you with "eyes of gratitude"; and consider challenging your grandchildren to do the same.

To help you with this, try one - or more of the following ideas . . .
  • Hand out sticky note pads and ask your grandchildren to write/draw or ask for help to write/draw at least one thing each day for which they are thankful. Tell them while they may (with parents' permission) stick each thankful-note to the wall of their bedroom, you would like them to gather all of them and bring with them when you celebrate Thanksgiving, so everyone is able to see the things for which they were thankful/grateful in the days/weeks leading up to the holiday.
  • Buy a medium - large pumpkin for each grandchild and have them spray paint it with chalkboard paint. Give them chalk and again, ask them to write/draw at least one thing on their pumpkin each day for which they are thankful - yes, ask them to bring their thankful/grateful-kin with them to dinner!
  • Give each grandchild a posterboard and sticky notes. Ask them to write/draw on a note each day at least one thing for which they are thankful and then stick it to their poster-board - let them know if they have more than one thing for which they are thankful, it is wonderful to add more than one to their poster each day! Again, bring their poster to dinner.
  • Get each grandchild a steel/metal reusable water bottle/cup ( I like s'well) - be sure it is a light color. Give them a permanent ink/paint marker - or give to their parents for safe keeping and to be sure other things are not marked upon ;-) Once again have them write/draw each day something on their water bottle/cup to show the things for which they are thankful/grateful. Of course, ask them to bring it to your home for Thanksgiving (or use at their home or wherever you are gathering to celebrate!)
These are just a few ideas for ways to help your grandchildren develop eyes of gratitude which, as Debbie wrote, will heighten their awareness of the blessings in their lives. This is a fun and memorable way to hand down confident faith and focus upon being thankful/ grateful for your many blessings (be sure you do whatever you have your grandchildren do to record their blessings as well - and be ready to share!) 

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