Sunday, November 27, 2022

Crafting with grandma - Snowman Ornaments . . . Melted Snowmen!

When it comes to making Christmas ornaments, I love two things - a project which is simple enough for my grandsons to enjoy and a project which results in a fun snowman! Today I'm very happy to share with you one of my favorite ornaments which meets both of these "requirements" . . . melted snowman ornaments!

All you need are: clear ornaments, white glitter, tiny black pompoms and orange felt. My grandsons have made these a couple times and both times they had so much fun helping to pour the glitter into the ornaments and then adding the pompom eyes and felt nose to each ornament . . . the finished projects turned out very cute!

If your grandchildren make these, have them trace their hands onto paper lunchbags and add some Christmas stickers to it for personalized gift bags for their ornaments!

So, if you are looking for something which is simple to make and results in a great gift, consider making melted snowmen ornaments - even your young grandchildren can do this one! 


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