Saturday, November 12, 2022

crafting with grandma - Twig Stars

twig ornamentsIt won't be long and my Christmas tree will be going up! I love celebrating Christmas  and while I plan for lots of "fun", I also try to keep the focus on the reason for the season - Jesus! My tree is decorated with a crocheted nativity set, angels, crocheted snowflakes and snowpeople . . . I know, the snow people/flakes have nothing to do with the reason for the season, but I live in Michigan and snow is a given at Christmas!

So,  I'm always looking for things to add which keep with my "theme", which is why I "pinned" a craft I found on Pinterest for making twig stars! I love this craft for a couple reasons - one, I have LOTS of trees in my yard so I have LOTS of twigs! Secondly, it looks fairly simple and I think the boys could enjoy making these stars. Plus, the Star led the wise men to Jesus, so adding stars to my tree "works"!

DSC04432If you follow this link you'll find a list of supplies, directions and a photo tutorial for making your own stars! This is a fun and easy craft for children - they could gather supplies on a nature walk and then make stars for their own tree, some to give to neighbors, teachers, pastors . . . add to cookie baskets for the neighborhood fire department . . . have fun thinking of who you would like to give them to and involve your grandchildren in crafting a "sky-full" of stars!

I think some small stars and maybe even one large one which I could add some twinkle lights to and then place at the top of my tree sounds like a great activity for the boys for this coming weekend!

What do you think? How might you use this craft? Enjoy!

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