Thursday, November 17, 2022

Hand Down the Faith with Mystery Bags - Origami Christmas Star

A few years ago I involved my three grandsons in making my Christmas cards. The boys helped draw the design on the cover, I wrote the inside greeting and then the boys prayed with me for the people who received our cards. We prayed the coming year would draw the people who received the cards closer to Jesus.

Yes, the drawings looked like a seven year old, four year old, and two year old helped to draw them . . . after all, the boys were seven, four, and two at the time, but the cards were the best Christmas cards I ever sent because the boys helped make them and most importantly, they prayed with me for the people who received them.

This year we might fold origami stars which the people who receive them will be able to hang upon their tree. Since my grandsons enjoy origami, I expect the stars would turn out well and look nice hanging on the trees of the people who receive them; but the most important thing, once again, will be how we would pray once more for everyone who receives them.

If you would like to involve your grandchildren in helping you create origami Christmas Star Ornament Cards, consider making this project a Mystery Bag project. You will need . . . 

  • Paper lunch bags - one per grandchild.
  • Any paper you choose to use for your ornaments.
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Paper hole punch
  • Note cards or a pretty paper cut about the size of an index card 

Watch the video at this link to learn how to make a simple origami star. Then, when you are ready to do the Mystery Bag Project, gather your grandchildren, hand out the Mystery Bags, and read from Matthew 2 about how the Wise Men followed the star. Talk with your grandchildren about how God set the star in the sky to lead the wise men to Jesus and how He uses people and circumstances today to draw people to Jesus.

Even if you have shared with your grandchildren before how you were drawn to Jesus and made the choice to believe in Him, this is a wonderful time to share your testimony with them. Give your grandchildren the opportunity to share their testimonies if they would like to do so.

Have your grandchildren open their Mystery Bag and set out the supplies. Show them a star you made, tell them about the project - how you are going to make Christmas Star ornaments to send to the people for your Christmas cards this year and walk them through the process to make stars. Use the hole punch to put a small hole at the top of a star point to thread a length of ribbon through, then knot the ends of the ribbon to make an ornament hanger.

Talk with your grandchildren about the Christmas greeting you would like to put with your card and then write them on the note cards - one per ornament to include with the ornament. When my grandsons help me make Christmas cards I write on the back of them how the cards were made by my grandsons and how they prayed for the ones receiving the cards to be drawn to Jesus and experience the joy of Jesus.

If your grandchildren would like to make additional star ornaments for your tree and their tree and/or to give to people they know, let them make more.

Take time to pray with your grandchildren for the people who will receive your Christmas Star Ornament Cards.

Christmas gives us the perfect opportunity to involve our grandchildren in thinking about and praying for the people we know and love - and by involving them in making the Christmas cards for this year, you are helping them learn to do this.

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