Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Loose Caboose! A Fun Game & a Fun Christmas Gift!

Gamewright sent me a few of their new games for review - today I am happy to share with you about the game - Loose Caboose!

Loose Caboose!

Ages - 6+

Made by - Gamewright

Favorite Features -

  • Fun card game for the whole family
  • Portable - easy to bring with you when traveling
  • Helps children learn how to predict what will happen next
Gamewright says; "There’s a caboose on the loose! Lay down numbered track cards in a race to keep the caboose from going off the rails. The higher the number, the more dice you must roll to move the caboose. Don’t let the train derail or else you’ll pick up penalty points. End with the lowest score and you’ve engineered a win!"

The children you love are sure to love this game! If you like to give games at Christmas, Loose Caboose! is definitely one to check out - you will find it at this link.

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