Friday, November 25, 2022

Love Like there is No Tomorrow


As grandmas and grandpas who want to hand down confident faith, we know it is vital for us to develop strong relationships with the people with whom God has blessed us. This means we are the ones who make the effort to stay in touch. We are the ones who invite our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren to our home. We are the ones who never turn down an invitation to get together with these people we love who are gifts to us from the hand of God. We make the effort. We love like there is no tomorrow.

Of course, covid made this more challenging, but this is all the more reason for us to get the vaccine - why would we refuse if it means we are able to impact the ones we love? We set the example AND we do what it takes to develop those strong relationships.

Who knows how many more days we have on this Earth? We certainly do not, but no matter if the days are few or many, we make the effort. We focus on spending time with the ones we love. We make an impact. We hand down confident faith so when we are gone we are remembered for what matters the most - our love for them, our love for God, and how we made the effort so they will know to do the same.

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