Monday, November 21, 2022

Make it a Thanksgiving to Remember


In just a couple days we will be celebrating Thanksgiving - although we celebrated early a week ago since my son and his family are spending Thanksgiving with my daughter-in-law's family. Regardless of when you celebrate, it is an opportunity for us to model grace, joy, peace, and obedience - and in so doing teach very important messages . . . especially if we do this with some creativity, imagination, and fun! Consider the following . . .

  • If you are unable to gather in person due to distance, use your tech to enjoy your dinner together through zoom, google meet, facebook, etc. Put your tech at your dinner table, connect and enjoy the conversations as you all eat your Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Bring - or send a package today - filled with items to help your family focus upon the many blessings you have. You could include journals, pens, a blessings jar, a thankful Thanksgiving tablecloth, and of course - some of your cookies!
  • Be sure to take and share photos!
  • Pray about the thing you should share as everyone talks about what they are thankful about - give it thought, prayer, consideration.
  • Plan for something fun to do together - you could even use tech to do this from a distance if you are not able to gather in person - play a game together, decorate your Christmas trees, sing, etc. to connect after the meal and build memories.
  • Invite a college student who is unable to go home to join you - my daughter brought a college student from Ethiopia to our early Thanksgiving.
  • And, be certain to make it a fantastic time together.
These are just a few ideas of ways you are able to connect this Thanksgiving - in person or from a distance. Make your Thanksgiving a wonderful Thanksgiving. Don't miss it. Plan for it. Pray for it. Make it a Thanksgiving to remember! 

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