Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Schedule Time with Your Grandchildren


We are coming into what is often one of the more busy times of the year - so many things to do, places to go, events to attend, and the list goes on. While many of these things on our to-do and to-go-to lists are likely to include family, others do not, so take time to make time, for your grandchildren in particular.

Yes, it is not unusual for our grandchildren to have a lot to do on their lists this time of year as well, but it is also a time of year when they may feel overwhelmed by the busyness or even left out of all the things which are going on. When you take time to schedule time for them, it does make an impact - a big impact on them.

I know, we have not yet celebrated Thanksgiving, but if we do not plan ahead for this time of year which fills up quickly with parties, get-togethers, and other events, we may find we do not have time to do something special with our grandchildren. So, please indulge me and think about scheduling some special time for your grandchildren; perhaps something like . . . 
  • A special time to get together to bake cookies and then take some to a shut-in, elderly neighbor, new neighbor, the church secretary, your local neighborhood fire department, etc.
  • Time to make special Christmas ornaments - I LOVE melted snowmen ornaments . . . fun, easy for any age to make and great fun to give to others. (You will find them at this link - Lynda's other blog. This is something you could do with grandchildren far away - mail them the supplies and plan a time to connect over facetime, hangouts, or just the phone to assemble and visit.)
  • Go look at Christmas lights in your area once people put them up. For grandchildren far away, consider challenging them to a Christmas Lights Photo Contest - whenever they are out and about, they could take photos of creative Christmas light displays (or ask their parents to take the photo for them) then email to you - and you do the same with them. See who finds the most, or who finds the most unique, funniest, one with the most lights, etc. Connect with facetime/hangouts to enjoy your photos together. You could do this with grandchildren who live nearby as well and treat the "winner" to a trip to a local coffee shop for a tasty hot cocoa. (Mail a gift card to a grandchild far away.)
  • Get together for hot cocoa and a favorite Christmas movie complete with popcorn.
  • Plan a time together to make snowmen . . . or if you are like my grandchildren, snow ducks, snow octopus, snow bears, etc. Take lots of photos and even make it into a contest to see who is able to make the most unique snow thing!
  • Plan a Candy Cane Hunt and have your grandchildren find candy canes you hide in your yard. Then, let them hide the candy canes and invite the neighborhood children to come find them. (Read about Candy Cane Hunts at this link.)
  • Schedule time to go ring a bell together for the Salvation Army.
These are just a few ideas, but see what you are able to do to schedule time for your grandchildren for one - or more - of these things to help them feel valued, wanted, and treasured during this time of year when they may feel left out. Be sure to take lots of photos and treasure this time with your grandchildren - it is a fun way to make a significant difference, something they will never forget as you build a strong relationship with them.

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