Saturday, November 26, 2022

Special Christmas Pricing & Offer - Life on the Goldilocks Planet Books

I know I have been writing a lot about the Life on the Goldilocks Planet  series of books and how they make a fantastic Christmas gift for the children you love - especially if you add some of the supplies they will need for the science projects, crafts, recipes, and games in the books - but today I want to let you know about a special Christmas offer . . . not only are the books priced for special Christmas savings, but if you buy a print copy of any of the books and then email me at to tell me which book you bought, I will email you a pdf digital copy of the same book for free!

So, if you have been thinking about getting at least one of the Life on the Goldilocks Planet books for someone you love ages four through fourteen this Christmas, then today is a great day to order your books! The first book in the series - Blue Dragons, Red Pandas, Hoopoes & More! is still available for only $5.43 and all of the individual books in the series are now available at a special Christmas price break - the individual books which are normally $13.59 are now $10.59 each and the four book combo book which are normally $44.99 are now $34.99 each - significant savings which will make your Christmas budget stretch! Please order your books today and share this post with the parents and grandparents you know so they are able to do the same! Thank you!

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