Friday, December 9, 2022

Fun Christmas Crafts - Personal Nativity Sets

Nativity Blocks - I could have the boys draw their own when they are older + wood scraps + paint and Mod awesome craft to keep the kids busy during Christmas Break:Nativity sets can be a fun way to help children learn, remember and understand the beginning of the story of the Best Gift Ever; Jesus' birth! So, today I'm sharing two more simple, and fun, ideas for how your grandchildren can make their own nativity sets. Sets which will hold up to little hands handling them year after year and which can help children and families start a Christmas tradition of their own as they set them out each year!

I found both sets on Pinterest, but all you need to do is paint blocks or rocks to get your own set. And it is okay to have your grandchildren make just the main parts of their set - send extra pieces home with them so they could work with their parents to make additional sheep, shepherds, wise men, angels, etc. to add to their set.

With either nativity set, you could use permanent ink pens instead of paint since they do not have to take time to dry. I also like these as you can let your grandchildren draw their own Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, etc. or give them stickers or printed figures to add to their figures.

Whichever set you decide to use, be sure to talk with your grandchildren about who each person in their set represents and what they did when Jesus was born. Talk with them about how just as Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds all chose to obey and the wise men chose to seek Jesus, they are able to make the same choices today!

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