Saturday, December 31, 2022

grandma's cookbook - Cinnamon Fluffy Biscuits


A few years ago, I shared with you how I always had struggled to make perfect, fluffy biscuits. I said, "My biscuits always turned out resembling rocks more than anything you actually wanted to eat!" This was the truth, but then I found a recipe for making perfect, fluffy, delicious biscuits! You'll find the full post - with the recipe at this link.

Last year, one of the times when my grandsons were over for their weekly sleepover, I made homemade, fluffy, cinnamon biscuits for breakfast! I used my fluffy biscuit recipe, but added sugar and cinnamon each time I folded the dough over to put lots of sweet, cinnamon flavor in every layer of the biscuits! While the biscuits baked, I mixed powder sugar and milk to make an icing and then gave the boys their own little bowls of icing and a spoon, so they could drizzle as much icing as they liked on their biscuits . . . they "liked" a LOT!!!

The boys enjoyed the biscuits . . . they are at the top of their, "Grandma, please make this again" list.

So, some morning when you have your sweet grandchildren at your home, consider using this recipe and surprise them with their own little containers of icing . . . it will help start your morning on a sweet note! Enjoy!

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