Thursday, December 22, 2022

grandma's DIY Christmas Gift Idea - Pins which "Measure" Up!

I was browsing on  Pinterest the other day and found such a cute craft idea - I had to share it with you! I love these little pins - or you could make magnets  with them, too. This is a craft which you could involve your grandchildren in making - their little fingerprints would make "snowpeople" to treasure forever!

Just follow the link for complete directions and a photo tutorial, gather your supplies, your grandchildren, and have fun making last minute Christmas gifts - these pins/magnets for moms, teachers, neighbors, and of course, for you, too!

Talk with your grandchildren about how their fingerprints are unique - no other person has one like theirs! Share with them some of the wonderful things which make them unique and then let your grandchildren hear you pray and thank God for making them to be such unique and wonderful people! Pray they will grow to be adults who love and serve God and then give your grandchildren big hugs! :-)

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