Tuesday, December 27, 2022

just for fun - It is Cut-Out Snowflake Day!

 flocons de neige inhabituelles sur papier

Yes, today, December 27th is Cut-Out Snowflake Day! Who of us has not made paper snowflakes when we were little - and with our children and grandchildren? 

DIY Snowflake Paper PatternsWell, this simple craft has actually been around for a long time - check the history I found on this link. "It is truly ancient, and in fact is founded in the traditional Japanese art-form of Origami; specifically a variation known as Kirigami. The process at the beginning is the same, both art forms involve the intricate folding of a piece of paper into a desired shape, though this is where the similarities end. In Kirigami you then unfold the piece and place cuts in the desired place. Obviously the art of snowflake cutting takes this one step further, you typically cut the piece while it is still folded, and then unfold it to reveal the desired shape."

If you would like to make some paper snowflakes with your grandchildren, check this link for traditional patterns as well as some new and unique patterns! Then grab some paper, scissors and glue and get ready to have fun making paper snowflakes!


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