Sunday, December 18, 2022

Let Christmas Help You Remember

My grandsons typically spend part of their Christmas break at my house . . . one of my best Christmas Gifts Ever . . . spending time with my sweet grandsons! So, as I thought about what we might do while they are here, I looked back at what I posted last year on grandma's cookie jar for some ideas. I found the following post which I might do with the boys and thought I'd go ahead and share it again with you! Enjoy!

Christmas Break is a great time to do special projects with your grandchildren, so invite them over and have fun making an "I'm bored jar" filled with fun ideas for things they can do - particularly when they don't have anything to do! 

I found this project from iMom on Pinterest, so if you follow this link you'll find a free printable - just print some out, have your grandchildren cut them apart and put them in a jar, box or container of some type. Provide craft supplies so they can decorate their container and ask them to think of a couple more ideas to put in their container. Have them make two - one to take home and one to leave at our house! Have fun!

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