Saturday, December 17, 2022

Make the Most of These Gifts


You have the family you have for a reason - God gave them to you. He planned for you to be the person who hands confident faith to your family. They are a gift from God to you. And you are a gift from God to them as well. So, how might you make the most of these gifts? Consider the following . . .

  • Pray for them. I know, we write about this - often. But, one of the best, most important things you are able to do for - give to - the ones you love, is to pray for them. A couple years ago at my church the pastors taught through the Book of Revelation. One week the senior pastor taught from Revelation 8:2-5 - these verses teach some powerful truths about prayer! God "decorates" His home with our prayers and they are always before Him until He answers them! This means, even after we die, our prayers for our family will still be before God waiting for Him to do what He has promised - answer them! (You will find the sermon at this link if you would like to hear/see it.) So, pray for them.
  • Be intentional when it comes to handing down confident faith. Use resources which help you do this, such as the "Life on the Goldilocks Planet" curriculum/book series which you will find on Amazon and in our bookstore at this link and Generations Quest which you will find at this link.
  • Use resources such as facebook to help you stay in touch and connect with family - both near and far. I know facebook has its issues, but it allows you to share your faith with your family in a regular, quiet way. If you have family who are not currently walking with God, facebook gives you the opportunity to "say" things you may not be able to say in person. Just be sure what you post is gentle, loving, and kind. Share a verse. Share an answer to prayer. Tell how God has worked in your life, but, if you use facebook to help you hand down confident faith, do not give a "confusing" message by also posting things which are disrespectful, not true, etc. - such as those which relates in particular to politics. Yes, you have the "right" to put whatever you want on your facebook, but if you have family who are not following God, posting Bible verses and also things which are not true will confuse them and potentially turn them away. Use facebook wisely to connect and hand down confident faith.
These are just a few of the many ways you are able to make the most of handing down confident faith to the family God gave to you. Remember - your family is a gift to you and you are a gift to them . . . make the most of these gifts!

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