Monday, December 5, 2022

Our Real "Super Power"

I am blessed with three amazing grandsons who all have wonderful senses of humor - they are absolutely rascally and bring with them many, many opportunities to laugh! I love these opportunities, because not only are they treasures when these things happen, but as I recall and laugh all over again I am able to experience the incredible gift of being blessed with them for my grandsons.

This is one of the best things about memories. This morning I remembered one of the times a few years back when my grandsons were at my house and I made cookies. My youngest grandson "sneaked" a fresh baked cookie and said; "Your 'grandma power' is making cookies!"

I was glad he approved of the cookies and I'm happy to have the "power" to make tasty cookies, but my greatest "grandma power" is to pray for my grandsons - and I want them to know this. In our lives there are many things about which I am not able to do anything, but God is able and willing to do everything, so my real "grandma power" is to pray. 

Guess what!!! Praying is your real "power", too! And this is a true "super" power, because God is big enough to answer our prayers and He is loving and gracious enough to answer our prayers.

So, be a grandma (or grandpa/parent) with the "power" to make cookies, but remember your greatest "grandma super power" is to pray for your grandchildren . . . and help them discover their real "super power" as well.

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