Saturday, December 10, 2022

Pass on the Best Gift Ever this Christmas!

Have you ever wondered how and why the people of Israel could turn their backs on God when He freed them from Egypt, parted the Red Sea, fed them in the desert, provided water for them, fought for them and personally led them with the cloud and fire? Judges and Psalms 78 says there came a generation who forgot God; a generation who did not experience how God worked in their own lives and who were influenced by the culture around them.

This sounds a lot like us - we forget all God has done for us. We do not tell our children and grandchildren, so they grow up not even knowing God. We are influenced - not in a positive way - by the culture around us and we find ourselves far from Him.

The good news is, just like with the people of Israel when they called out to God, He forgave them and saved them from the situations where they found themselves, He will do the same for us! It is why He sent Jesus in the first place!

So, as you celebrate Christmas this year, think about where you are in your walk with God. Have you been too influenced by the culture around you? Do you know, love, and walk with Him as you once did? Do you know the joy which comes from knowing, loving, and walking with God, or is it part of what you have forgotten? Are you passing confident faith to your children and grandchildren so they will not forget God?

Remember what matters the most - knowing, loving, and walking with God and passing confident faith to the children and grandchildren we love - and those we come in contact with each day. Make this Christmas a time of renewing your commitment to God . . . Jesus is the best Gift you've ever received (or could receive) and knowing, loving, and walking with Him is the best gift you could ever give the children and grandchildren you love!

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